The second Libyan conference on chemistry and its applications (LCCA-2) will be held on May 09-11, 2017, in Benghazi. The Organizing Committee has adopted the theme “The Role of Chemistry in Applied Research and Sustainable Development’’ for this event. The LCCA-2 organizing committee, invites professors, researchers, scientific communities, delegates, students, business professionals and administrators to attend to attend the conference.

Chemistry is a branch of physical science that crosses scales from individual atoms and small molecules to complex interacting aggregations of macromolecules such as those found in the cell, and fields from biology and medicine to engineering and materials science. This wide range of pertinence lets chemistry is often bring up to as the central science.

Chemistry and its Applications is a global platform to discuss and learn about modern Analytical chemistry, Organic chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Biochemistry, Surface Science, Soil chemistry, Medicinal chemistry, Organometallic Chemistry, Catalytic Chemistry, Computational chemistry, Polymer Chemistry and chemistry applications in various fields of chemistry.

The second Libyan conference on chemistry and its applications aims to collaborate and also to encourage the exchange of ideas, research, mutual enrichment and linkages between research and academic institutions in the Libya and other foreign countries by Inviting keynote speakers in different chemistry branches. Deans and Heads of Chemistry from Various Institutes and Universities, Young Researchers in Chemistry, Research scholars in Chemistry, Student’s expertise in the field and provide knowledge on Chemistry and expose the applications of chemistry in various fields. The conference program will also include poster sessions and exhibition on chemicals, technology, equipment and supplies.

This conference will provide an opportunity for participants to visit the eastern region of Libya, famous for its ancient cities like Cyrene, which is located in the Green Mountain, it is the most beautiful and ancient city in the world.We look forward to welcoming you to participate in this academic and researching gathering.


Fakhri Elabbar

Chairman, Organising Committee